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Works by Charles Sykes

Pictures for sale,as full resolution prints and as graphics files (jpeg or other)

Cheques and Stripes            In a Punt             A Motor Picnic                At the Seaside                Up the River

           DR1                               DR2                             DR3                                DR4                               DR5           

   Between them               Two Minds                        Puffs                    The Light of his Life      A Matchless Smoke            DR6                               DR7                             DR8                                DR9                               DR10           

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The de Reszke series - Rilette - actual paper size 10”x13”                      H. Dennis Bradley prints - Rilette- same                      

Erasmic advertising prints - Rilette- same                                               Cartoons etc from prints - Jacques d’Or - various sizes

Illustrations for The Tatler - Jacques d’Or - size of drawing 6”x9”           Early car drawings - Charles Sykes - various sizes       

Cartoons from original artwork- Rilette -size of drawing 8”x13”               Drawings from the country, 1940-50 - mostly 5”x8”,    

Other stuff - Email me your specific interest.    

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Add the codes for the items you would like to the panel on the right, using this coding scheme :-

Item number (eg DR3)

Paper color, W=white, I=ivory, or your choice   

Size, S=small ( 8.5”= by 11” )

       M=medium (11” by 17” )

       L=larger (your request, I will quote you a price)

For example  “ DR3 W M

All prints are on lightweight card (cartulina)

Use the Submit button and an email will be sent to me. I will then contact you re total price and shipping costs.

Prices are as follows:

Printed on white card                        Printed on colored card  

                    Color print          Black and white print          +15% and subject to availability

Size small            $4.00                    $2.00

Size medium         $6.00                    $3.00

Size “larger”          I will quote you

Minimum order $10.00

Shipping by USPS, First class or Priority mail

Payment normally by Paypal. You will receive a Paypal payment request for the agreed total.

Conditions of sale: The prints are all subject to artist’s copyright and you may only use them for your own personal purposes. You may make copies for your friends on the understanding that this condition applies to them as well.

If you wish to use any of them for commercial purposes then you must contact me for details of commercial licensing and pricing. JPEG versions can be made available.   

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Works by Charles Sykes

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